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A complete guide with 6 most crucial tips for buying Cuban link chain

Cuban link chains are mostly known as the Miami Cuban link chain are a kind of jewelry popularized by the Rappers of the centuries as an obvious embellishing accessory of hip-hop culture. The neck chain featured strong thick links and a flat face.

Usually, turn out for men suit best with masculine appearance and stout body shape. Men’s Cuban chain and Cuban jewelry necklaces and bracelets agree with their heavyweight and bossy personality. 

Female celebrities are also not excluded from the collection but the most common version for them is well known as Cuban Concave Contour. The best Cuban links in Miami facet thinner link and rounder appearance goes well with the gentle manifestation of the female persona.

Are you looking to opt one to enhance your appearance but wondering How to choose Cuban Link Chain? Here we guide you with

6 most crucial tips for buying Cuban link chain that you must consider to obtain the best one for you.

1. Karat kind

In the list of tips for buying Cuban link chain the first priority should always go to ensure the gold karat which assures the metal quality.

The manufacturer employs conventional gold purity exposed as karats. This is for the user to justify the cost of the Miami Cuban link chain at different price levels. A karat is considered as one part of 24 parts of gold. Thus pure gold has 24 components out of 24 components of gold. So pure gold is called 24 karat gold. The common gold alloy is 14 karat gold where 14 components out of 24 components are pure god and rest are another semi-precious gold. Comprehensively the ratio of gold with other metal in 14 karat gold is 14:10.

5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain

2. Purity of gold

Pure gold is too soft to transform into jewelry. Jewelers mix other elements to make an alloy. These elements include silver, nickel, copper, and palladium which convert the soft gold into strong solid metal. With the change in the proportion of other substances the color of gold can be changed into white, rose gold. Very rare jewelry is made with pure gold.

4mm Cuban Link Chain

3. Appropriate link type

Image Source: The New York Times

One of the important aspects in the list of tips for buying Cuban link chain is the appropriate link type that goes perfectly with the design. that will determine how nicely it will kink and how most likely it will be prone to damage when you use your chain thickness for a pendant regularly.  

Omega and herringbone chain is more sensitive to crumpling, because of their flat surface. Round snake link type easily catch on your garments and spin, and the kinked necklace is harder to fix.

3.25mm Miami Cuban Link Chain Gold

4. Determine the size you want to go for

How to wear a Cuban chain is a common search on the internet for the jewelry lover? The necklace thickness chart and length chart contains various size ranging from 16 t0 24 inches. The popular one is 20 which is not as short as collar length but touches your chest. The choice you can make depending on your comfort zone for regular use. Collar length, v above your chest, length below the chest, and touching the stomach are available for the design of best Cuban links in Miami.

2.5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain

5. Scrutinize the clasp

Before you go for your favorite design for chain thickness for pendant have a close look at the hold. The clasp should close perfectly and make the Miami Cuban link chain. Difficult to break. The ring clasp is common and less costly. 

This type of lick is spring-loaded. But lobster hold is more strong and not easily break if the chain is pulled harder. In general lobster, hold is more secure when you move among the crowd with the Miami Cuban link chain hanging from your neck.

2mm Miami Cuban Link Chain

6. Ensure the smoothness to wear comfort with it

Last but not the least in the group of tips for buying Cuban link chain. A commonly neglected but vital feature of the best Cuban links in Miami is its smoothness. The smoothness of the edges of the link provides you maximum comfortability when it is on use for a longer time. The rough edges will irritate you when in use for a longer hour. We ensure to maintain our reputation as the best Cuban links in Miami jewelry producer

Our handmade products must fetch appreciation and compliment for our customers. Not enough right? We know complement without comfortability can’t go long together. Therefore, our expert runs a finger over the Cuban jewelry to certain there are no spiky edges in the whole chain that may scour your neck and make you reluctant to use it for the second time.  

Hip-hop fashion men’s Cuban chain the attitude of hip hop trends. The rappers can be crowned or blamed  to pushed this wild jewelry into style of the mainstream. Looking for urban style in men’s jewelry? You are in the right way to discover a new yourself flaunting in Laviticus special handmade silver, gold or iced-out Cuban, rope, snake, or Franco chain. Get your best stylish celebrity look with Miami Cuban link chain from the house of bling jewelry Laviticus. We guide you to take good care of your bling jewellery to increase the longibility. 

1.5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain 14k

The higher the quality of the gold in terms of karats and gems used in the pendant the bigger the cost it will have. You will have the perfect one for you with these tips for buying Cuban link chain. Sometimes you might wonder should i buy a gold chain? Does it suit my personality. Of course depending upon your body structure and height, weight Laviticus has wide variety in 10k,14k, 18k gold cuban link chain, price for which is affordable. We also deal in white gold miami cuban link chain at wholesale rate for our retail showroom customers.

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